Breakfast Pr0n

Waffle Pr0n

DSC_7778 (1600x1060)Mmm… waffles with chicken and white gravy and an egg…DSC_7782 (1600x1060)with maple syrup.  My only regret is that the egg broke while in the pan and I didn’t get a good runny yellow shot.

Gadget Post – Waffle Maker

DSC_7714 (1600x1060)I’ve had this for a little while now and have made three or four batches with it.  It’s a well regarded Presto Belgian waffle maker.  I don’t have them perfected yet but I have been turning out some very tasty waffles nonetheless.DSC_7715 (1600x1060)

DSC_7716 (1600x1060)You heat it up, the light goes out when it’s ready, and pour in the batter.  Close the lid and rotate the thing to its other side to help settle the batter.  There is a timer, three minutes has been just about right but it doesn’t hurt to open it to check.  We had some older batter mix we used at first but found the stuff we ordered with the machine to be much better.DSC_7721 (1600x1060)The hardest part is getting the mix just right, not too thick or too thin.  That’s the part I’m still working on.  If you over fill the platter it will run out the side, underfills mean that the waffle will not be perfectly formed.  It’ll still be mighty tasty.DSC_7717 (1600x1060)I made these today with batter a tad thick, they are not quite filled to the edge.DSC_7648 (1600x1060)These were an earlier batch.  The one on top was from the bowl scrapings and is way short of being filled out.

Pancake Pr0n – Cinnamon Apple Syrup

DSC_7382 (1600x1060)This was fun.  We browsed through a local Amish run store the other day,  I wanted to go there in particular because they have decent blue cheese for a good price.  I bought a pound of cheese and was walking the few aisles looking over their stock of spices and pastas when a bag of pancake mix caught my eye.  We opened it today and mixed up a batch.  Pretty good stuff.

The apple topping was pretty easy, I softened a diced apple in butter and added a little water then started adding sugars and spice.  This one has Splenda, light brown sugar, maple sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon, a few cloves and a pinch of nutmeg.  I let it simmer a while then thickened it with corn starch while the griddle heated up.  I’m kicking myself for using water because we have cider in the fridge.  Grr…