Sammich Pr0n

Sammich Pr0n

The sauce is just mayo with some very green pickle relish plus minced onion.  I cleaned out a jar of relish that has been too long on the back shelf of the fridge.


Like I said, the killer app for steaks is sous vide.  These spent the afternoon at 136°F.  A quick sear then a rest while a pan sauce was made from the bag liquids, butter, wine, and soy sauce.  That was a big rib steak, even I didn’t eat the whole thing.A veggie beef soup follows leftover steak at our house.  A smoked pork sammich turned the soup into a real meal.Kitteh!  The kittens were recipients of a round of claw clipping, they were a bit disturbed and needed a firm grasp to hold them for the task.I told Mrs J to mention that too firm a grasp causes their little kitteh eyes to bug out.

Teeny weenies!  Hash browns and eggs!    Mmm… breakfast for dinner.Mrs J spends most of her volunteer time in the kitteh house but she does catch the occasional pupper.  This little girl came in when her owner passed.  She’s heartworm positive but is expected to be fine.Fried fish for the win!  I made a tartar sauce with fresh dill, lemon juice, lemon zest, minced dill pickles, and mayo.I’ll finish with an adult cat.  No info at all on this one but Mrs J days she’s very friendly.  She’s been at the shelter for a week or so.


20161120_1003181600x1200We are fast approaching Thanksgiving and we’ve had our second hard freeze.  The first time I carted the vulnerable jalapenos into the garage overnight but I didn’t this time.  I combed through the wilting foliage for the last harvest.  The cornbread cubes are drying in anticipation of making a dressing.  I baked a loaf of plain white bread earlier and dried them in a low oven.img_20161119_112743_processedHere’s another treatment of the picture of Bea among the habaneros, it’s done with the “mosaic” filter in the Prisma app.  It most effective when there are a lot of discrete elements within the photo like the leaves and peppers in this one.20161120_1635431600x1200Sammich pr0n!  This is a cod fillet that had been dredged one time in a commercial fish breading that I added some coarser cornmeal to.  I made a very busy tartar sauce of mayo, onions, chives, horseradish, jalapeno, lemon juice, salt and pepper – and topped that with slaw.20161118_1649221600x1200Here’s a chicken breast that was slow cooked in the toaster oven with my (current) favorite hot sides of fried potatoes and sauteed Brussels sprouts.20161119_1643391600x1200Just your basic cheeseburger – pickles, onions, mustard.img_20161119_112949_processedHere’s that mosaic filter again. The algorithm that draws in the tiles has trouble with the motion blurred background.  And that tongue!  LOL20161116_1225541600x1200I had the stub end of a loaf of Italian bread left over from making garlic bread to go with a small lasagna I made the other day.  The lasagna was pretty good but I served it right out of the oven and the layers slipped and slid all over the plate in the bechamel/tomato sauce.  Served it in a bowl, I could have called it soup.  Ha Ha I meant to do that!

Mmm… Baked Beans

20160626_121423(1600x1200)I just love these hotel pans, also known as steam table pans.  This one is a 4 inch deep, half-sized pan.  It measures, roughly, 12 inches by 10 inches.  There is more info on the sizes available at the link.

Back to the beans:  It doesn’t hurt to use canned “pork ‘n beans” of whichever brand you like as a base.  They are probably going to be navy beans in a tomato-y type of sauce.  I have a couple of cans of the house brand beans in the pan along with great northern beans, dark red kidney beans, and a bean that looks like a pinto bean but isn’t (I forgot to write the name down – it’s the pink-ish bean right next to the white northern beans).20160626_123156(1600x1200)Add in plenty of chopped onions, and peppers of some kind, I have been using my jalapenos from the patio garden.  I added smoked pork to my beans this time but bacon works fine, even ground beef.  You can get creative with the sauce – ketchup, brown sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and a favorite bbq sauce are in this one.20160626_123335(1600x1200)Stir everything together and place it into a 350 oven, uncovered, and bake it for about 2 hours, checking every half hour or so.  I keep a crust from forming on the sides and bottom with a flat wooden scraper.20160626_150518(1600x1200)It wants to be a tad loose still when you take it out, it will tend to firm up as it cools and you don’t want the beans to be too dry.  You can eat them hot or cold and they are a great side dish for just about any meal.20160626_164853(1600x1200)We fried some fish for dinner today and they were perfect with the slaw and potato salad.  I experimented with the tartar sauce, it had sweet relish, lemon, horseradish, and dill in the mayo base.  I wiped the little dish clean with the last bite of fish.

Sammich Pr0n – Tilapia Filet with Slaw

DSC_7925 (1600x1060)Farm raised tilapia is becoming common at the market and is pretty good.  These I fried after a quick dip in Andy’s Cajun Breading.  The slaw is the usual cabbage plus whatever else I can find, this one has onions, Anaheim peppers, carrots, celery, celery seed, celery salt, and seasoned rice vinegar.  The tartar sauce is heavy with chopped green and kalamata olives plus horseradish sauce, sweet pickle relish, and lemon juice.

The beans are from a can with added this ‘n that, more onion, peppers, bbq sauce,ketchup, garlic and etc., and then baked in a medium sized cast iron skillet until it bubbles.  We bought the potato salad ready made from the deli section and we are suddenly aware of a thing called “Loaded Baked Potato Salad”.  I am flabberghasted to learn of this just yesterday.  Where has it been all my life?  We will be making this stuff shortly.

Fish Fry

DSC_7854 (1600x1060)I changed my usual fish breading for one I hoped would be a little bit thicker, and more crunchy.  I had been using a commercial breading mixture, dredging the bare filets through it and then straight to the hot oil.  This time I beat an egg into 1/2 cup of milk and soaked the filets in it while I added corn meal and regular flour to the store-bought mix.  It turned out pretty well.  (The rings and mushrooms are from frozen, they have their own breading.)

I love slaw on most any sandwich and these fish filets are no exception.  I also made a quick tartar sauce with mayo, sweet relish, horseradish, chopped fresh parsley, and lemon zest.

Sammich Pr0n – Batter Fried Tilapia

DSC_6442 [1600x1200]My mini pepper plants have yielded a few sweet peppers that worked well in the slaw, along with a couple of Anaheims.  I made a tartar sauce to go with it on the filet.  The batter is 3/4 cup of flour, 2 Tbs corn starch, 1/4 tsp each of baking powder and baking soda, 1 tsp seasoned salt, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, and 3/4 cup water.