A Little Excitement Here Today: Grab Toto

So this tornado was visible from here, but it was a good 15 miles away, so we were fine.


Look how it just stalled over the area:

There have been bigger tornadoes here (including just a couple miles from my house), but this one took everyone by surprise – it’s a landspout – my understanding is it started from the ground up and there was absolutely no warning and it just kept growing and it was soooo slow, I swear it sat in one spot for 5 or so minutes.

landspout is a tornado with a narrow, rope-like condensation funnel that forms while the thunderstorm cloud is still growing and there is no rotating updraft – the spinning motion originates near the ground. Waterspouts are similar to landspouts, except they occur over water.

Damage assessments are ongoing – sounds like livestock and outbuildings so far.


Awesome Tornado Picture and NSFW Video

This is not far from where my family lives in Nebraska.  Thanks to Paul and Tracie for sharing these with me.

Tornado near Humphrey, NE 5/24/12

I don’t have a photo credit, my SIL posted it on FB. The video, I’ll link to, it’s amazing, but I won’t post it because it’s full of F-bombs. Not sure my reaction wouldn’t have been similar, but I would have probably found shelter. Look for the rainbow at the bottom of the video at the end. And it’s NSFW, so listen with the sound down…you’ve been warned.

Tornado footage in Humphrey NE