Critter Cam

This is another nice buck, we’ve been seeing several this year – the big atypical deer, and another 8 pointer with not quite as nice a rack as this one.  There are several lesser bucks, some spikes and forkhorns.  Saw one last night with one side broken off leaving him with a slender forked antler on one side.

Random Wildlife

PICT6245(1600x1200)This fox is really becoming familiar to us.  I pooh-poohed the idea that he was eating the corn but I’ve since changed my mind on that.  Pretty sure now that he does.  Here it looks like he is startled by something.PICT6248(1600x1200)This is a nicely lit photo that shows his fur to advantage.  The deer, squirrels, and birds have eaten all of the corn but Mrs J will soon replenish the pile.

Random Wildlife – Big Kitteh!

PICT1645 (1600x1060)We were thrilled to see this bobcat captured by the camera we have set up at the back pond.  I’ve never seen one in person although Mrs J has.  She ran across one a few years ago while out walking the dogs.  We’ve viewed literally thousands of photos from these cameras over the years – this is our first bobcat.

Lynx rufus