Trixie Diaries: 15 Weeks And Needing Lots Of Sleep

I may have more formal photos later this week, but for now, going with crazy, sleeping puppy.

It takes a lot of energy to grow a puppy to Great Dane size, so there is a lot of sleeping going on…and poor Scout is her favorite pillow.

Every time I come into the living room, she’s found a different way to sleep on her sister.

Occasionally she uses a real pillow, but still needs Scout close by. She’s very attached to Scout and I’m actually working on giving her some more confidence separate from Scout. Starting with her vet visit and shopping excursions, where she can ride in the basket and get lots of attention from strangers.

She does enjoy her walks around the block with just me. Scout enjoys her much longer walk alone with me, too. Gives her a chance to have one-on-one attention.

I feel like I owe you guys some menus…but I am just not feeling the cooking vibe right now. I suppose after weeks of cooking working my way through the holidays, I’ve lost all my creativity. But I’ll try to do better in the coming weeks.

Until then…

Trixie Diaries: 14 Weeks And Look At Those Feet

Trixie at 14 weeks

Our vet visit was a bit delayed by holidays and then the snow last week. But we finally got there on Monday.
Trixie – skinny butt that she is, weighed in at 39.6 lbs

For comparison:
Scout at 14 weeks was 26 lbs
Bixby at 14 weeks was 36 lbs and he was a chunk.

Her feet are almost the size of Scout’s.

I’m pretty sure this is how Clifford the Big Red Puppy started out. 😲  This keeps up, I’m going to need a bigger car.

She just keeps growing… Continue reading

Trixie and Scout: First Snow

Trixie and Scout love the cold. I’ve been having a hard time getting them to come in, unless it is in the single digits. I make them come in, warm up, and then they are back out again running around.  And unless it’s single digits, Trixie eschews her warm sweater.

This was her first snowstorm. We are on our second one tonight and she really loves it. We all went out tonight to shovel, again, and despite the very cold temperatures, they both enjoyed running around.

Tomorrow should be fun, now that Trixie has her first experience, she might just cut loose tomorrow in the fresh powder.


Trixie Diaries: 11 Weeks And Look At Those Feet

11 Weeks…I kinda want to tell her to slow down and let’s be a puppy a bit longer, but then I remember, no matter her size, she’ll be a “puppy” for quite a while.

I was walking Trixie and realized her feet grew… and she still hasn’t grown into her ears. They always end up in her water dish. And kind of still touch the ground, LOL.

Find The Puppy

I can’t tell you how often I go looking for her, thinking she’s up to some mischief, only to find her camouflaged and asleep on that blanket.