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Sammich Pr0n – Tuna Salad On Toast


Sammich Pr0n

I’ve always liked tuna salad on toast.  This one has enough egg that it’s as much egg salad with tuna as it is tuna salad with egg.  There’s chopped celery for crunch and a bit of minced onion and plenty of sweet pickle relish and mayo.A reuben on rye.  I’ve settled on this machine recipe for the rye, it works fine every time.There are a couple of my homemade garlic pepper links under all the grilled veggies and mustard.


20160724_094031(1600x1200)I think ten is the sweet spot when baking the King Arthur bun recipe, not too big, not too small.20160724_120430(1600x1200)Just the right size!20160724_174648(1600x1200)Made some tuna salad today, we’ve been giving that bread slicing gadget a workout.  Tuna salad on toast is another good way to use the tomatoes we have coming on strong.  Probably going to boil down some more juice soon.20160724_174830(1600x1200)We are starting to grow fond of leaf lettuce on sammiches, it doesn’t have the same crunch as iceberg but it does lay nice and flat and uniform.20160723_123019(1600x1200)Gabe goes from 90 miles per hour to naptime in about 6 seconds flat.20160721_103040(1600x1200)I have a better photo of the eggs in that nest I first posted about a week ago.  We tried to get a video of the little bird flying from the nest but failed to get anything useful.  I did get a little better look at the bird but just confirmed that it was a wee brown birdie.  It might be a house finch but a tip from a commenter over at Balloon Juice pointed me toward the Chipping Sparrow – the wings of our bird are darker than the belly.20160722_131315(1600x1200)Here’s another cold cuts and cheese sammich with a few sides.DSC_2799 (1600x1200)I’ll wrap with a picture from the archive.  I’m tickled by the balancing act this dragonfly is putting on, and I think the colors are pretty.

Cool eats on a hot day

Mmm…tuna salad sandwich on toast with lettuce and tomato.  The classic summer salad:  Cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in a vinaigrette.  Pasta salad with halved cherry tomatoes and shells in a dressing of mayo, half & half, cream cheese, and a splash of lemon juice.

Tuna salad

I’ve been a huge fan of tuna salad for a long, long time.  Now I’m talking about the tuna in the can, never fresh tuna, not sure I’ve even seen fresh tuna anywhere except on a TV show.  I’ll bet fresh would make a super salad, I know that I made salmon patties from fresh salmon once and they were really good.  It’s just that here in Small Town, HeartLand,  USA! USA! we are pretty far from an ocean.  I’m not sure catfish would do.

Any way:

A tuna fish sammich has to be on toast.  I will brook no dissent.  This toast was made from a loaf of white bread (Julia Child’s recipe!) but whole wheat will work, and that nice NY City deli rye bread would be very good indeed…

I have a pal who grew up in NY City, and he sniffs with disdain whenever he sees my tuna salad.  His recipe uses tuna, grated onion, and mayo.  I’m not really sure about the mayo.  I’ll pin him down if he shows in the chat room today.  I’m a fan of tuna with “the works”.  This batch has mayo, hard boiled eggs, sweet pickle relish, celery, green peppers, chopped green olives with the pimentos and sweet onions.  I’ve been known to add shredded cheddar or another cheese to the mix.  Mainly I add whatever I have on hand that seems like a good idea.

Have you a favorite tuna salad recipe?