Greek Pork Tenderloin Gyros

20161021_1710341600x1200Sliced some of that tenderloin thin and warmed it under the broiler for a another take on gyros.  Pretty good!  Much garlic!  I will take the occasion to complain about Kroger’s store brand Greek yogurt.  Too thin, funny texture, didn’t taste as good, won’t buy that stuff again.

Food Pr0n – Gyros

DSC_1337 (1600x1060)I was tempted to use the entire 16 inch tannour loaf as a single gyro but better sense prevailed. (Note:  That photo is of a typical tannour oven of a design thousands of years old, my loaf was made by more modern methods.) This one uses 1/4 of the loaf.  Note the cunningly deployed mint stem used as a toothpick.  LOL  I think about buying some foil/paper wraps that street vendors use to hold one together.  Every time I make these things and try to get a photo I am reminded that I have yet to do so.DSC_1336 (1600x1060)The slices of lamb/beef meatloaf are about the best that you can do at home, a serious gyro vendor will have a vertical rotisserie going.  There are recipes all over the web for the meatloaf: I’ve used Alton Brown’s recipe to good effect.  His uses all lamb, I’ve gone half and half with ground beef and added a few more spices – cinnamon and allspice.  I add dill to his tzatziki sauce but mint works.

Lamb Burger

DSC_9593 [1600x1060]I wanted a lamb burger recipe and found several but the one that caught my fancy was this one where the raw ground lamb mixture was stuffed into a pita pocket and grilled until the lamb was done.  I bought some pita loaves but was a little put out when I realized that they didn’t have natural pockets.  I made do by slicing them open with a sharp little knife.  The pita captured all the juices and 6 minutes in the grill press stiffened them enough that they stayed together well enough to dip into the tzatziki.  Not quite a gyro but close.  Easy to make and easy to eat – a winning combination.

Gyro Kebabs!

DSC_6270 [1600x1200]I cut some lamb for a stew from a leg joint a while back but didn’t use all the meat.  I ground up the leftover and froze it.  Today a search for ground lamb recipes brought me to this recipe.  I had everything and decided to give it a try.  The kebabs formed easily and stayed together much better than I anticipated.DSC_6268 [1600x1200]I laid them gently onto the hot grill, closed the lid for a few minutes, and turned them as needed with tongs.  For a change, I followed the kebab portion of the recipe to the letter.  The tzatziki sauce that Alton Brown makes is so good I went with his recipe.DSC_6271 [1600x1200]There wasn’t anything in the recipe about tomatoes or pitas but Mrs J determined that they were required.  Good call Mrs J!

Lunchtime! Yay!

Ok, not a cause for a general celebration, but I’m reaching, here.  We have plenty of leftovers so no cooking today, or at least nothing from scratch.  We decided to finish off the gyro meat from the 5 pound brick of it we bought last winter sometime.  I made a tzatziki sauce the last time we had gyros and I didn’t want the rest of it to go bad.

I bought some fresh goat cheese at the International grocery store, and used a few pinches of it in the gyro I built for myself today and tossed in a few sliced olives just as a change up to the usual gyro.  I have to say that the goat cheese was very good on these.

We used some of the homemade pitas today, brushed them with olive oil and toasted them a bit in a pan atop the stove.  Very satisfying lunch.

Ugh…been under the weather a bit.

Feeling better now, but I was abed for a couple days, stumbled out on a few occasions were absolutely required.  Mrs J even cooked a meal!  We haven’t tried anything too strenuous in the kitchen, I did make some tzatziki sauce for gyros yesterday.  Did I mention that I found a five pound box of frozen gyro meat at the International Grocery the last time I dropped by?  Excellent item to keep on hand.  I broke the brick into several smaller packages of around a pound apiece.  Warm up a pita round, toss a few slices of the gyro meat loaf in a skillet, and slice onions and tomatoes and you are good to go with a gyro!  (The tzatziki sauce will keep for several days in the fridge.)

Here are a few pics for you:

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