Random Wildlife

It turned off chilly this morning, too cold for this bee to be active. It doesn’t look all that comfy. There are other sorts of insects out this morning. My eye was drawn to this wheel bug on my sweet basil:

It was moving, albeit very slowly. I think that may be due to it’s natural hunting technique. It places one leg at a time, stalking through the foliage. Note the “fang” folded under it’s head. It uses that to stab unwary prey and suck their innards out

Say hello to my little friend.

DSC_3865 [1600x1200]I walked by the bee balm this afternoon and watched all the bees working it and noticed this fellow among them.  He blends in rather well.DSC_3872 [1600x1200]We planted Vitex a couple of years ago and it’s thriving.  We’ll have to keep it pruned back or it will get too big but so far it’s looking good:DSC_3879 [1600x1200]The bees like it, and the hummingbird moths do, too.  We have it in another spot and I thought it was a Butterfly Bush for a long time before Mrs J said it wasn’t that.  Once we knew what it was we were able to find a nursery to sell us one, at Amazon of all places.