Gadget Post – LP Gas Grill

DSC_3694 [1600x1200]In my last post I hinted at a new grill.  Here it is, set up and pre-heating.  Last Saturday I wandered into a local store in the midst of a spring sale.  I thought I was in the “just looking” phase but when they mentioned a waiver of the sales tax, along with free set up and delivery, I pulled out the credit card. This one is a Weber Genesis EP 330.

I put together too much stuff for the first day cooking with it, some of it sits on the side tables ready to grill.  I did corn, asparagus, potatoes, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, and t-bone steaks.  I also bought squash and red and yellow bell peppers, and a pineapple but reason won out and those I saved for later.DSC_3699 [1600x1200]

DSC_3701 [1600x1200]

DSC_5875 [1600x1200]The steaks were just right, the corn was perfect, as was the asparagus.  The zucchini, alas, was undercooked, and the potatoes were a tad too done.  The mushrooms!  They were just superb!  The got a marinade of EVOO and balsamic vinegar with lots of garlic and some minced onion.  Five minutes per side over a medium flame,  Delicious!