Dinner Menu and Shopping List: Lamb Kabobs and Honeyed Carrots

Photo credit: Food Network

I need some spring in my kitchen as winter drags on.  A touch of fresh lemon and honey is just the ticket.   A simple recipe for the broiler or if it’s a good day, out on the grill.  If lamb’s not your thing, these flavors work well with chicken, too.

For the menu tonight:

  1. Lamb Kabobs -Marinate Overnight
  2. Tabbouleh
  3. Honeyed Carrots
  4. Sautéed Pears

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Dinner Menu and Shopping List: Cuban Dinner and Dessert

JeffreyW does Cuban Black Beans with a side of broccoli

This is a very simplified version of a dinner I had at an LA Cuban restaurant.  I’m hoping in a few weeks I’ll have experienced some authentic Cuban food to share with you.

I have included Instant Pot instructions for the chicken recipe.

This week’s dinner menu:

  1. Marinated Chicken w/flaming pineapples
  2. Cuban Black Beans & Rice
  3. Ensalada Cubana
  4. Fried Plantains

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Dinner Menu And Shopping List: Hearty Tomato Soup And Grilled Cheese

My plan going forward is to reach back into the archives and pull out some of the favorite full dinner menus and shopping lists. I’ll update them with any changes and add links to variations on the recipes.  Here’s the first in that series:

As winter drones on, I thought a good soup would be nice.  This is not your mom’s canned soup or grilled cheese.  These are tasty, hearty and easy to whip up.  And the flax cookies are addictive. If you’re using an Instant Pot, I have instructions for that at the bottom of the soup recipe.  Continue reading