Random Wildlife

It turned off chilly this morning, too cold for this bee to be active. It doesn’t look all that comfy. There are other sorts of insects out this morning. My eye was drawn to this wheel bug on my sweet basil:

It was moving, albeit very slowly. I think that may be due to it’s natural hunting technique. It places one leg at a time, stalking through the foliage. Note the “fang” folded under it’s head. It uses that to stab unwary prey and suck their innards out

Mmm…succulent hornworm for lunch

I was admiring a plump red jalapeno on the container bush out on the patio deck when I spotted this wheel bug.  He has a hornworm nailed.  I took some pictures, of course. The first was taken right after I first spotted him.

And this next one an hour or so later.  It would appear that the wheel bug is working his way down the body of the worm, sucking out all the goodies as he goes.

I’m glad he is right side up this time.  Don’t know about you, but looking at a picture of something obviously upside down makes me dizzy.  I think the brain is just saying this isn’t right.

And a little while later:

And much later I returned to see how the meal was progressing.  Somehow the wheel bug has glued one end of the caterpillar to a leaf and has left it hanging.  I suppose it will return later for another go.

I scanned the bush for the perp and found him perched at the top.  He kept a wary eye on on me as I hovered about with the camera.  He didn’t act afraid, or maybe he was too full to fly off.