Sammich Pr0n – Corned Beef on Rye

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Mmm…corned beef on rye

I’m a day late on this, the rye wasn’t as fresh as I would have liked, so I toasted it.  I boiled the corned beef brisket for three hours this morning, then chilled it to make the slicing easier.  I thought about dragging the electric slicer out but the brisket was so small I decided to just go with a knife and a board.  I took a bunch of pictures from every angle and elevation but I think this one pretty well captures the essence:


Mmm…pastrami/corned beef on rye


Used a few slices of my NY deli style rye bread.  This stuff smells great!  It must be the caraway seeds-the loaf has 2 T of them in it.  And I took the occasion to use a few more of those tomatoes.  Still have several left even after two tomato soup batches yesterday.  And I don’t even have any of my own ripe yet.  If my tomatoes out in the big garden ever take off I’ll be eaten up with tomatoes.  Awesome sauce, here we come!

Ooops, counting my tomatoes before they’re ripe.  Now there will be some calamity befall us.  Hailstorm, deer, who knows?

Mmm…corned beef on rye

Here is the promised follow up to the New York deli rye post yesterday.  I can’t say what the traditional deli corned beef sandwich is like in New York City, but this is how I put them together at my place.

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Last couple of days have been wet ones, we’ve had 11″ over the last three nights, and they are saying more is on the way tonight.  My ponds are full.  Some little blue herons have been fishing in the overflow off the front pond, looking for minnows washed down the pipe.

I walked up there today and looked it over-there’s a pretty good little stream running there now.  There is one small largemouth bass that had the bad luck to go down the overflow and he didn’t make it.

I haven’t done much cooking, or anything major or new.  We did enjoy some chicken pot pie yesterday.

We made do today with the leftovers from that.  I did make a plate full of “sliders”.  At least that’s what a couple of people called them.  I made up a pan full of frozen buns yesterday because they had been in the freezer for too long already and I feared they wouldn’t rise.  I needn’t have worried.  What I ended up with was a pan full of little sammich buns.  I put together a few hot dogs with some slaw and mustard and voila!

Corned Beef

This brisket has been in the freezer for a good while now, bought it back in the spring and promptly stuck it into the freezer.  I saw it today when I opened the freezer door to take a look at just what we had in there.  It seemed like a good day to drag it out and thaw it.  We had a few potatoes left, and some carrots, and I knew we had a head of cabbage in the fridge.  Just about everything you need for a good Sunday dinner.

I usually just cover the brisket with water and simmer it for a few hours but after reading several recipes online I decided to use some dark beer plus beef broth.  I had a 24oz. bottle of Guinness bought back when we were making mustard and dumped that into the sauce pot over the meat, and finished with beef broth to cover.  Most all the recipes agree that an hour of simmering per pound was right and I went by the clock rather than poke it with a thermometer, but 160 degrees is done if you prefer to use yours.  In any case, the 3 pound brisket got 3 hours at simmer before I removed it to a platter and covered it with foil.  I popped it into a warm oven to keep it hot while I boiled the veggies.  You can cook them a while and then add the cabbage last.  It took about 20 minutes for the cabbage to get tender.  Today I cooked the carrots and the potatoes until they were done and removed them to a covered dish and then cooked the cabbage.  No hard and fast rule but I found it easier to get the various parts done without over cooking them that way.

The mustard dressing was a combination of the whole grain stout mustard I made earlier in the year, some prepared horseradish, a bit of the cooking juices, and thickened with corn starch.  It added an interesting tang to the meat.  Lots of pictures!


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