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Random Wildlife


Random Wildlife – Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Critter Cam

I would have bet that the raccoons couldn’t get on top of the corn bin.  I stand corrected.

PICT2804 (1600x1200)
PICT4560 (1600x1200)PICT2647 (1600x1200)

Random Wildlife


Wilkinson Whooping Cranes Land in the Hood


Photo by Joel Jorgensen Outdoor Nebraska

This was great. My brother found it and linked to it. These are not far from where may family lives in Nebraska.

More photos and story here:  The Wilkinson Whooping Crane – Outdoor Nebraska




Random Wildlife

PICT1672 (1600x1060)Here’s a white tailed deer with a pair of wood ducks.  I can just make out some lumps on his head where antlers will soon be showing.

Random Wildlife – Big Kitteh!

PICT1645 (1600x1060)We were thrilled to see this bobcat captured by the camera we have set up at the back pond.  I’ve never seen one in person although Mrs J has.  She ran across one a few years ago while out walking the dogs.  We’ve viewed literally thousands of photos from these cameras over the years – this is our first bobcat.

Lynx rufus

Random Wildlife

PICT1226 (1600x1060)

PICT0277 (1600x1060)

Random Wildlife

PICT0753 (1600x1060)I can’t tell if this fox is pooping or if it is just trying to keep its tail dry.  I wonder if those words have ever been written in that same order?


20160123_184203[1] (1600x1060)I snapped this one from the front door the other day with my cell phone.  The scene is lit from behind me by the porch light and from the side by a security lamp mounted on the front of the garage.  I like the textures in the photo.  Lots of grain from the high ISO number the camera chose due to the relatively low light level.PICT9811 (1600x1060)We see the (probably) same fox from last week, this time at night.  He’s in a different spot this time but not that far from where the other camera is set up.  It’s sniffing at the spot where Mrs J dumps corn, no doubt drawn by the scent left by mice and squirrels.DSC_1721 (1600x1060)Polenta is something we’ve begun to make and use in lieu of pasta.  It’s a nice change of pace.  These slices have been fried in olive oil and served under a meat sauce made with Italian sausage and tomatoes.  Tasty!DSC03116 (1600x1200)Here’s a nice kitteh.  She’s 5 months old, named Macy and is ready to go.DSC_1718 (1600x1060)We tried a pressure cooker recipe for some BBQed ribs the other day and didn’t give them enough time.  I abandoned the recipe and made stock with the rack, boiling it all day with assorted veggies after washing the sauce off.  Frugal!  These pork noodles were the result.  I’ve plated them with roasted sprouts and sweet potatoes.IMG_20150806_113029371 (1600x1200)Moar kittehs!  These guys are exhausted from a play session and are in the middle of a lap nap.20160124_141640[1] (1600x1060)Mrs J’s Famous Blueberry Pie!  In a rather ill advised move, we tried out a dump cake made with frozen berries, white cake mix, and a can of diet 7-Up.  We salvaged the berries and the pie is the result.  Tasty!DSC_1722 (1600x1060)