Willow and Zander Hanging

Willow fits right in. I have to get video of her and Trixie playing. Willow almost always instigates it and Trixie is happy to roughhouse. I only allow it because Willow sets strong boundaries and Trixie listens.

Welcome Willow

Willodene Jolene has landed.

She’s about 6-7 months old, which completely goes against my “oldest/longest kitty in the shelter” rule. After fostering a mama (Missy) and her five 1-day old kittens (Jake!) I swore off kittens forever.

But this girl picked me, so who am I to refuse? Continue reading

Sully Settling In

Sully has been here a month and has settled right in. He’s still finding his way with all the animals, but he knows he’s home.

Zander misses Gabe terribly, they were best buds, but he’s been kind to the new guy. I suspect they will be friends because Sully is both respectful and playful, two things Zander cannot resist. Continue reading

Happy Easter Danes

They look so concerned…but it’s mostly concern I’m going to be stingy with those treats I’m holding. Photobomb courtesy of Zander.   That white bunny was Jake’s and though he’s seen better days, I cannot bring myself to let him go.

We went from 72 degrees yesterday to 22 degrees and snow today. They don’t seem to mind. The pavement was warm enough I won’t need to shovel, so I’m okay with it, too.