Gabe’s New Adventure

Gabe got to go outside this morning. This was our second attempt. A few weeks ago I tried it and he headed to the gate, as if to leave, so I swooped him up and brought him back inside.  Continue reading


Usually They Help

Today we had a disagreement about making the bed. Usually, they help. Today they were like,  “naw, we’re comfy and we’re not moving.”

The bed did not get made until late morning. They’re lucky they’re cute.


We Need To Talk

Zander has been my constant companion since I returned from my trip. And he’s had lots to say about the day-to-day activities here.

Sorry, dude, Gabe is staying.


Meet Gabe

After brainstorming with a few dozen people online last night, I’ve settled on Gabe (Gabriel Miles Evan) as his name. While I was traveling in Boston last week, I spent some of the rainy afternoons looking at my local shelters online.  My thought was, I had four cats for thirteen years and just three for the last five and I was used to multiples. Three feels comfortable.  So with Jake gone, it seemed the right thing to do would be to give another shelter cat a home.

Here he is protesting the baby gate. He wants to meet everyone

My goal was to bring home either the oldest cat in the shelter or the one who had been there the longest, or both. Continue reading

The Grapes of Kitteh

Zander found a new secret spot – hiding under the grape arbor. I was about to accuse him of leaving the backyard, which would mean he couldn’t go outside for a few days. But there he was. Enjoying the peace and quiet.

Well, until I started taking his photos, then he was all complaints about disturbing him.

Speaking of grapes, the vines are still full and finally took off the bird netting so the squirrels and birds can enjoy them. My freezer is full up of grape juice